Bộ môn Hải dương, Khí tượng và Thủy văn trân trọng thông báo về việc tuyển Nghiên cứu sinh làm việc và học tập tại Trường North Carolina State University (Hoa Kỳ).

Các ứng viên quan tâm có thể tham khảo thông tin chi tiết như sau:

  • The coastal engineering team at North Carolina State University is recruiting a PhD student for 2023, preferably to start in January.
  • The position is funded fully, mostly through a project supported by the National Oceanographic Partnership Program. The student will work with Dr. Casey Dietrich to develop models with XBeach for real-time predictions of coastal erosion during storms along the U.S. Gulf and Atlantic coasts. In the early years of this project, we have developed a semi-automated forecast system based on 1D transects, but we hope to improve the predictions by considering 2D models in known hot spots for erosion. There are questions about how uncertainties in initial conditions will affect forecast accuracy through hurricane season, and how to automate the forecasts and communicate the results.
  • If the student is able to join in early 2023, then there is also an opportunity to work with Dr. Beth Sciaudone developing GIS techniques to assess transportation systems vulnerability in North Carolina.
  • The ideal candidate will have experience in coastal models (XBeach), programming (Python, Fortran), and geospatial software (Arc, Q, GRASS). We are looking for a student who is interested to learn and contribute to our team.

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