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Video Clip introduces about Oceanology

Research Activities

Research Field

o Oceanography: Hydrodynamics and sediment transport in mangroves, estuaries and coastal areas;

o Meteorology: Climate change and sea level rise, tropical sea-gas interactions, regional models;

o Hydrology: The problem of flow and sediment transport in canals with steep slopes, and saline intrusion;

o Environment: Biogeochemical cycle, air and water pollution problem.


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International cooperation
1. DFAT Vietnam Exchange Algal Bloom (2018). Le Tran Duy Phuc

2. Study on the erosion/accretion process in the LMDCZ and on the measures to sustainably protect the coastal zones of Go-Cong and U-Minh from coastal erosion (2016). Nguyen Cong Thanh

3. Hydrodynamics and sediments flux through the Cu Lao Dung mangrove forest (2014). Vo Luong Hong Phuoc. Vietnam-US cooperation project.