TB chương trình học bổng trao đổi sinh viên từ Đại học Chiang Mai (Thái Lan)

Dear Partners, Greeting from the College of Arts, Media and Technology, on behalf of Chiang Mai University, I’m pleased to inform you that Chiang Mai University is offerring 2 to 4 Exchange Student Scholarships to the 4th year students from any university in AUN or ASEAN+3 Unet to do their Senior Project or apprenticeship at Chiang Mai University at the College of Arts, Media and Technology (in the area of Modern Management or Information Technology) or at the Faculty of Engineering (in the area of Computer Engineering or Mining and Petroleum Engineering) for one semester (1/2018) starting from August – December 2018.  1. The Scholarships will cover     1.1 Tuition fee    2.2 Monthly allowance of 5,500 THB (no more than 5 months) Students are responsible for their own health insurance, visa fee, travel tickets and accommodation. 2. Scholarship conditions    2.1 Students must enroll to a course to earn credits at Chiang Mai University    2.2 Students must study at Chiang Mai University at least for 4 months    3. Eligibility:    3.1 Must be the final year student of any university in AUN or ASEAN+3 Unet    3.2 Good English skill  4. Application Documents    4.1 CV    4.2 Updated Transcript    4.3 English Placement Result    4.4 Student Certificate    4.5 Project Proposal    4.5 Portfolio or supporting documents (if any) For interested students, please submit all application documents to ird@camt.info within 30th April 2018 (Mon).If you have any questions,please don’t be hesitated to send an E-mail to ird@camt.info Website: www.camt.cmu.ac.th