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The first VNUHCM-US and NCNU Workshop on Application Trends of Sciences and Technologies on Life Science

The 1st Workshop on Application Trends of Sciences and Technologies on Life Science between University of Science-VNUHCM and National Chi Nan University (Taiwan) held on 29 March 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City. There was a session on Civil Engineering and Environment which is sharing presentations among Department of Civil Engineering (NCNU), Faculty of Environment, and […]

Seminar on “Hydrochemical and biological in the fresh water and ocean” – Prof. Andrzeja Górniaka, University of Bialystok (Poland)

From 25/2 to 1/3/2019, Professor Andrzeja Górniaka from the Department of Aquatic Biology, Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, University of Bialystok (Poland) visited and worked at the Department of Oceanography. , Meteorology and Hydrology. During this time, Prof. Górniaka presented a seminar on “Hydrochemical and biological in the fresh water and ocean”, attracting many students to participate.  […]

ONR Mekong Research Project and Data-Exchange Workshop

Department of Oceanology, Meteorology and Hydrology has cooperated on Mekong Research Project with diverse organizations and universities under Office of Naval Research sponsor for a year. The Workshop was organized at VNU-University of Science, Ho Chi Minh City on 14 – 15 September, 2015 to reach main goals: To Share preliminary observational data and modeling resultss […]

Main research topics

Oceanology: Erosion-Deposition process; Hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics in mangrove forests, estuaries, coastal zones and upwelling regions. Meteorology: Climate change and sea level rise; Regional weather forecast; Severe weather in Vietnam; Ocean-atmosphere interactions in tropics. Hydrology: Salt intrusion; River bank erosion; Urban hydrology; Flow and sediment transport in river, channel and estuary; Flood Hazard. Environment: Air […]