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Introduction to Laboratory

Along with the development of the Department of Oceanography, Meteorology and Hydrology, the Department’s Laboratory is also constantly being invested and upgraded to meet the increasing learning and scientific research needs of students and lecturers in the fields of oceanography, meteorology, hydrology and environment. In 2012, the laboratory received a large investment from the University […]

Equipment for Environment

Multi-parameter water analyzer – Model:Multidirect – Manufacturer: Lovibond-Germany Specifications: Automatically selects wavelength when measuring in the 300nm – 660nm range Results displayed on LED screen Has an RS232 port to connect a computer or printer Able to remember 1000 data Automatically turns off after 20 minutes of non-use Power: battery Dimensions (HxWxD): 195x265x70mm – Function: […]

Equipment for Meteorology

1.Types of meters and meters used in meteorological monitoring – Barometer: Record air pressure value continuously for 24 hours – Hygrometer: Record air humidity value continuously for 24 hours – Thermography: Record air temperature values ​​continuously for 24 hours – Heliostat: Calculate the number of sunny hours in a day – Barometer: Measure pressure valueInstant […]