List of projects
  1. “The shift of the rainy season rainfall features under the background of climate variability on the rice cultivation regions of the Mekong Delta” (2023) Dang Truong An (C2023-18008).
  2. “Building a Hydrodynamic Model for Coastal Areas Using Finite Volume Method” (2023) Tran Xuan Dung (C2023-18-03).
  3. “Calculation of saltwater intrusion at some estuaries in the Mekong Delta by using model” (2023) Nguyen Hoang Phong (T2023-101).
  4. “Size distribution of seabed surface sediments along the coastal areas of the Mekong Delta under the influence of seasonal factors” (2023) Nguyen Cong Thanh (T2023-14).
  5. “Building up the smart monitoring system of water quality” (2023). Vo Luong Hong Phuoc (T2023-07).
  6. “Estimation of methane emission from the rice field based on the Eddy Covariance technique” (2022) Bui Thi Ngoc Oanh (C2022-18-15).
  7. “Vertical distribution of suspended sediment concentration in mangrove areas” (2022) Le Nguyen Hoa Tien (T2022-54).
  8. “Effect of water level and soil temperature to methane emission” (2022) Bui Thi Ngoc Oanh (T2022-50).
  9. “Estimating the erosion-deposition trends across the quang nam coast in the background of the climate variability” (2022). Nguyen Tien Thanh (T2022-49).
  10. “Water level fluctuations in the Mekong Delta are influenced by human and climatic factors” (2022) Nguyen Cong Thanh (T2022-10).
  11. “Application of remote sensing and GIS technology to build agricultural drought maps” (2022). Tran Xuan Dung (T2022-09).
  12. “Assessing precipitation characteristics trends in the Plain of Reeds in the context of climate change”. (2022). Dang Truong An (T2022-08).
  13. ” Establishing IDF curves to support urban flood warnings in Ca Mau City area in the context of climate change” (2021). Dang Truong An (C2021-18-06).
  14. “The applicability of satellite images to monitor saline intrusion for agricultural production in coastal areas” (2021) Lam Van Hao (T2021-43).
  15. “Initially calculated the wave attenuation in the mangrove forest using the DELFT – 3D model” (2021) Nguyen Hoang Phong (T2021-05).
  16. “Analysis of CO2 exchange in the East Sea and impact factors to its distribution in seawater” (2021) Bui Thi Ngoc Oanh (T2021-04).
  17. “Analysis and assessment of erosion and deposition in Quang Nam province by remote sensing and GIS”. (2021). Nguyen Tien Thanh (T2021-03).
  18. “Caculating settling velocity and distribution of vertical suspended sediment concentrations in mangrove area” (2020) Le Nguyen Hoa Tien (C2020-18-07).
  19. “Hydrodynamics processes driving the sediment transport along the coast of the Mekong Delta” (2020). Nguyen Cong Thanh (C2020-18-01).
  20. “Estimating the air pollution emission from straw burning on fields in the Mekong Delta” (2019). Tran Xuan Dung (T2020-08).
  21. “Research on wave energy dissipation in mangrove forests in South Vietnam” (2019). Vo Luong Hong Phuoc (B2019-18-08).
  22. “Analysis and evaluation of erosion and deposition processes in Ca Mau by remote sensing and GIS”. (2019) Nguyen Tien Thanh (T2019-11).
  23. “One-dimensional modelling of suspended sediment concentration”. (2019). Le Nguyen Hoa Tien (T2019-09)
  24. “Application of remote sensing and GIS to monitor urbanization in Ho Chi Minh City”. (2019). Lam Van Hao (Code: T2019-08)
  25. “Calculating crop water requirement for agricultural production in the Mekong Delta under the impact of climate variability” (2018). Dang Truong An (C2018-18-05)
  26. “Analysis and assessment of erosion and sedimentation processes in the Dong Tranh – Can Gio estuary area (HCMC)” (2018). Nguyen Tien Thanh.
  27. “Hydrodynamic model in mangrove forests”. (2017). Tran Xuan Dung
  28. “Research on changes in suspended sediment concentration under the influence of dynamic factors in mangrove forests”. (2017). Le Nguyen Hoa Tien.
  29. “Assessing the heat island phenomenon in Ho Chi Minh City area using remote sensing and GIS”. (2017). Lam Van Hao.
  30.  “Using remote sensing images to analyze land use changes in Ho Chi Minh City”. (2016). Nguyen Hoang Phong.
  31. “Research on shoreline changes in Kien Giang province using remote sensing and GIS”. (2015). Lam Van Hao.
  32.  “Survey and calculate the tidal spread in the canal in Can Gio mangrove forest, Ho Chi Minh City”. (2013). Tran Xuan Dung, Ngo Thi Mai Han.
  33.  ” The carbon cycle in the ocean and its impact on climate change”. (2012). Bui Thi Ngoc Oanh.
  34. “Simulation of wave and current field at Dong Tranh estuary, Ho Chi Minh City”. (2011).  Nguyen Hoang Phong.
  35. “Analyze and evaluate the effects of nitrogen content in wetlands using the STELLA environmental system dynamics model”.(2011). Bui Thi Ngoc Oanh.
  36. “Research on drought developments in the Long Xuyen quadrilateral area” (2009). Dang Truong An.
  37. “Theoretical research to build an experiment on the influence of terrain on frontal stability” (2009). Nguyen Vinh Xuan Tien.
  38. “Application the Mike 21C numerical model to calculate the flow regime of the Hau River in the section flowing through Long Xuyen city, An Giang province”(2008). Dang Truong An.
  39. “Studying the interaction between increases in atmospheric CO2 and CH4 concentrations and climate change”” (2008).  Nguyen Vinh Xuan Tien.

National Projects

List of projects
  1. “Research on the impact of hydrodynamic factors in deposition and erosion processes in Vietnam’s mangrove forests” (2012-2015). Vo Luong Hong Phuoc (ĐT.NCCB-ĐHƯD.2012-G10).
  2. “Research and propose reasonable technological solutions to prevent erosion and protect the coast for the Mekong Delta based on physical models” (Viwat project) (2019). Nguyen Cong Thanh.

International Collaboration

  1. Research on methane gas exchange in Ganh Rai Bay, Can Gio, HCMC (2023-2024). BUI Thi Ngoc Oanh. US, VNU-HCMC (Vietnam) – Hokkaido University (Japan) cooperation Project.
  2. DFAT Vietnam Exchange Algal Bloom (2018). LE Tran Duy Phuc. US, VNU-HCMC (Vietnam) – University of Tasmania (Japan) cooperation Project.
  3. Study on the erosion/accretion process in the LMDCZ and on the measures to sustainably protect the coastal zones of Go-Cong and U-Minh from coastal erosion (2016). NGUYEN Cong Thanh (participant).
  4. Hydrodynamics and sediments flux through the Cu Lao Dung mangrove forest (2014). VO Luong Hong Phuoc. Vietnam – US cooperation project.
  5. Sediment dynamics in mangrove areas II (SEDYMAN II) Alteration of coastal erosion versus mangrove progradation)”. (2006-2010). Cooperation project with Kiel University, Germany.